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Company background

ITINERIS Informatics Ltd is a company founded by Hungarian private individuals, who have several years of experience on hardware and software developing, focused on GPS applications.

The ITINERIS Informatics Ltd. has developed a GPS (Global Positioning System) based controlling system that is recommended for companies wishing to increase their income of vehicle usage, hoping to make their work more efficient and organised, and wanting to reduce the vehicle related costs, such as fuel and service costs.

The coordinator of a vehicle park permanently has problems with deficiencies arising from the lack of organisation and control, the unexploited performance and with the inefficient and unethical behaviour of the vehicle drivers. It would also be required that the vehicle owner always had information about the position of the vehicle. We aim to eliminate these problems with the development of our products. Our system helps to trace the drivers and the standard of their work, the movement of the vehicle park and its proper usage.

Thanks to our work-process based reports and to our special parcel map handling, we managed to gain a market leader position in agricultural usage in Hungary but our system is being used in other areas as well. We are present on the Slovakian market since 2008, and on the Polish market since 2009.

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