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Person, work tool and work process identification and data input peripherals for the Atlas vehicle module.



Vehicle drivers can be identified with a small button, suitable for hanging on a keyring. For identification it has to be put to a receiver device formally fitted into vehicle. This receiver device can either be a small, separate box on the control panel that is connected to the vehicle module, or can be fitted into Display module and Analogue work process selector peripherals.

Data sheet (Button identification module)


A small card can be used for the identification of drivers and work tools, it only has to be placed to the receiver fitted into vehicle. The receiver is a separate small box built into control panel and connected to vehicle module. If the aim is the identification of the driver, he has to place his card to the receiver. If the aim is to identify a vehicle, the button on the module has to be pressed while the card is placed to it.

Data sheet (Card identification module)


The Display module is a data input device fitted with a two-line display, with a numeric keyboard, and with a few function keys. Typically it is mounted on the dashboard and it is connected to the vehicle module. One can identify the driver, the work tool, and the work process using PIN codes using the Display module. With customization it can be used to enter other numeric data (such as a work sheet number), or optionally it can be fitted with an iButton reader, etc. The Display module sends all the data to the vehicle module to store and upload them.

Data sheet (Display module)


This is a small box fitted with a knob so that one can select from 12 states using the switch. It is typically used for work process selection. Optionally it can be fitted with an iButton reader enabling person identification. It is mounted on the dashboard, and it is connected to the vehicle module that periodically stores the state of the knob.

Data sheet (Analogue work process selector)


This peripheral is similar to the analogue work process selector. However, the maximal number of states can be up to 100, set upon the customers requirements. Person identification iButton reader is included by default. The code currently selected is visible on the large seven-segment display above the knob.

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