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A low-cost solution for transport controlling system of ITineris Informatics Ltd uses the on-board device or vehicle module (VM) named Pluto. This measuring equipment records and stores data.


The vehicle module contains the GNSS receiver that stores positions with the aid of a vehicle-mounted GPS antenna and calculates vehicle coordinates, speed, heading. The device records data every second, this is why the movement of the vehicle can be tracked with great detail. Tasks of the vehicle module also include handling measurement devices, and storing their data.


The memory built into the vehicle module can store data of a week. The device also contains a GSM modem that can establish GPRS connection to the central server operated by ITineris Ltd. Stored data is first downloaded by the server, then it is erased from the device. Most important data is transferred to the server in every 1 - 5 minutes, independently from the detailed information.

This makes it possible that the server does not download data while the vehicle is abroad to avoid large data transfer at expensive roaming GPRS rates. The customer still has information about his vehicles. In case of a long trip abroad, the server does not wait for the internal storage to get full and loose data, instead it downloads data even in roaming mode.

Data sheet



vehicle module



• Communication through GPRS connection and SMS
• 72-channel, high-sensitivity GPS receiver
• 1 digital inputs
• Storing at least 3 day's data
• Low power consumption
• Internal battery with 7-hour operational time
• Can be built into vehicles with either 12 or 24 V electric system
• 3 capacitive touch buttons with LEDs
• POWER, GPS, GSM tricolor status LEDs
• Internal buzzer

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