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Our controlling and data registering systems make the scheduling of vehicle servicing possible and help to bring driving styles closer to the required, this way reduce the number of accidents and service costs. Consumption can also be reduced by the precise monitoring of covered distances and by following fuel levels. This controlling system enables you to increase profit and to reduce maintenance costs.



Beside the reduction of direct costs, monitored data makes it possible to set up standards for the different routes (for example average running-time, consumption) to compare them, optimise routes and to eliminate unnecessary travels and stops.

Finally, WayQuest provides development regarding quality control. This way vehicle routes, transports or finished earthworks get monitored and documented automatically. The data registered makes it possible, even at a later date, to see when and where a certain vehicle or driver was, how much time a transporter did spend at the customer handing over goods, or if a salesperson did visit a client at all. With the knowledge of vehicle positions the system provides the customer information about the estimated time of arrival.



• Custom, monthly, weekly, daily reports
• Report about work processes
• Identification of driver or machine-operator, and work tool (tow)
• Printable maps and reports
• Tracking changes in fuel level while the vehicle is in motion or stationary
• Built-in, street-level maps of European countries
• It is possible to import one’s own field maps
• It is possible to place own objects (machine workshop, fuelling station, crop store, partners) on the map
• Dynamic map handling, zoom in/out, pan
• Show current geographic position of machines and vehicles on the map
• Graph of each measured quantity
• Animation
• Data export to Microsoft Excel
• Connection to geospatial, controlling and ERP systems
• Robust, effective design
• We can provide custom development

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