Cloud-based site management software
for cattle breeding

Cloud-based farm management software to support meat breed cattle breeding. A solution for cattle herd registration and tracking the development of cattle. It supports immediate reaction to daily events, evaluations to check long-term plans and make operations more economical and flexible.

Transparent administration

Cattle inventory

Analysis, statistics, reports

Geo informatics

Data collection support

Fertilisation management


  • Development and health monitoring

    The comprehensive database which the system is based on allows you to
    keep records of your beef cattle herd, monitor their development and
    health, and identify and isolate sick animals even in the asymptomatic

  • Analyses and up-to-date information

    Easy and quick display of data on work carried out, assets and animals in
    tables and on maps, for any period of time, even for the whole season. The
    software system covers all the documentation of the breeders and
    performs the mandatory reporting to authorities and breeders’

  • Cloud-based software

    In addition to weighing, documentation of artificial insemination and
    gestation can be carried out using a platform-independent external device
    (e.g. mobile phone), so that the results required for analysis can be
    recorded directly in the database.

  • Automatic alerts

    Automatic alerts contribute to the successful conservation of the herd;
    notifications allow the timely monitoring of adverse changes and force
    majeure situations

Our active developments

The Rumen Bolus and the Online Grazing Map are ongoing developments which provide data for the Farming Log.