GPS-based fleet tracking system
Efficiency – Control – Savings

With ITineris, based on GPS technology, you can track your farm vehicles
from anywhere and at any time. The tracking system allows you to analyse
and optimise fleet movements and performance, which in turn improves
productivity indicators.

GPS-based technology

Fleet tracking

Digital map

Analysis, planning (cost reduction)

On any smart device


  • Vehicle activity tracking

    GPS-based radio vehicle identification (agroID) with tracking function
    provides you with second-by-second positioning of your vehicles. You can
    track movement data on the online map in real time. E.g. direction of
    movement, speed and location on own field maps.

  • Fuel consumption monitoring

    The constant monitoring of fuel consumption allows you to check the
    extent and location of refuelling, and to detect the amount, time and
    location of fuel withdrawals. This makes it possible to measure the exact
    fuel costs of agricultural work.

  • Warning, alarm

    Set up this function to receive automatic alerts by e-mail and SMS in case
    of field abandonment, approach or fuel level changes and equipment

  • Periodic report of area-based works

    You can monitor seed and spray usage (double-spray rows), work quality
    (adherence to row spacing, work speed) and field working time efficiency
    on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis on your own field maps.

  • Vehicle driver tracking - driver identification

    With driver identification, it is possible to retrace who did what, when, and
    where. This improves work discipline, accurate accounting and production
    efficiency, and reduces the use of machines in foreign areas.

  • Quality assurance in transport and agriculture

    Thanks to automatic documentation of the routes travelled by vehicles and
    the transports they completed, you can see at any time where the driver
    has been and when, how much time they spent with customers or
    delivering goods, and even provide information on the estimated time of

  • Vehicle data and analysis

    With detailed analysis of real-time and retrievable data, you can record
    vehicle operating time and fuel consumption, and eliminate unnecessary
    trips and waiting.

  • Report module

    Periodic report of area-based works.
    Monitor the work performed, the size of the area, and the quality of the work on your own maps (observance of line spacing, speed of work) and efficiency of working time in field.
    The system sends automatic statements by e-mail daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly.
    Based on your own idea, edit on your own demand.


Installation package
[76,5 MB]

Before installation, all critical Windows updates must be installed. To install
SQL Server, you will need Microsoft .NET Framework versions 2.0, 3.5
and 4.0, or updates to these. The updates are carried out in several steps,i.e. after installation, a reboot is required and then the Windows Update
page must be revisited and run again. In our experience, it can take up to
4-5 reboots to get everything up and running. Without these, the SQL
server will not install and the ITineris program will not run. Always back up
the program database before upgrading!

If you feel necessary, please ask one of our colleagues to help you

Hardware devices


This device operates in the vehicle. It is primarily used to track the movement of the vehicle, record its route and additional data. It includes the GPS receiver, which determines the position with the help of the GPS antenna placed in the vehicle, and also calculates the vehicle’s coordinates, speed and direction of travel, and records data describing this movement, thereby allowing the movement of the vehicle to be followed. The device also contains a GSM modem, which can be used to establish a GPRS connection with the central server operated by ITineris Kft.


Radio frequency machine identification. The tool automatically recognizes the machine and selects the work process assigned in the system. It makes administration easier and the engine operator does not have to deal with it. It is also suitable for user identification.